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Established in 2000, ECO Environmental Investments Limited (ECO) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas). Committed to protecting the environment, ECO has not only developed a wide range of environmentally-friendly energy businesses but also has dedicated itself to driving innovation in related technologies.

In view of the surge in global energy demand, challenges arising from climate change, and changes in China's national energy policy and energy mix, ECO is focusing on the development of new energy projects in China that are low in emissions and pollution, covering resource exploitation, liquefaction of coalbed methane, coal-based chemicals, biomass energies, vehicular fuels, logistic hub and related facilities. In Hong Kong, ECO operates LPG filling stations and a permanent aviation fuel storage facility for the Hong Kong International Airport. In Asia, ECO operates an onshore oil field project in Thailand. In collaboration with research and development institutions, ECO is actively engaged in the research and development as well as the application of new technologies for clean energy.