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Coal-based Chemicals

Due to the insufficient domestic supply of petroleum and natural gas, China has to rely heavily on imported resources to meet the needs for its rapid development. With abundant coal resources, China can make up for other inadequate resources by speeding up its development of coal-based chemical technology, laying a foundation for the development of a petroleum substitute fuel industry in the long run.

ECO is carrying out a coal-based chemical project in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. Situated in Zhungeer, this project has an annual production capacity of 240,000 tons of methanol, a chemical product which has high economic value as it can be used as clean vehicular fuel and as raw material for numerous chemical products.

In addition, ECO has invested in coking projects in Inner Mogolia and Jiangsu region along Yangtze River. The Company has begun to study the feasibility of utilising tail gas emitted during the coking process as a feedstock for gas supply, and making use of self-developed technology to upgrade low temperature tar oil into different oil products.