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Methane Liquefaction

Given the inadequate supply of natural gas in China, ECO applies innovative technology for natural gas production and liquefaction and has gradually positioned itself as the liquefied natural gas (LNG) producer.

Coalbed methane (CBM), consisting mainly of methane, an associated gas that exists in coal mines, is formed when the process of biochemical pyrogenation takes place in coal under both high temperature and pressure. Extraction of CBM before commencement of mining activities can prevent gas incidents, thus enhancing safety in coal mines and reducing pollution.

Taking advantage of the abundant CBM supplies in Shanxi province, ECO, in cooperation with the Shanxi Gas Industry Group Co. LTD, has liquefied the extracted CBM with the world’s latest cryogenic technology. LCBM is a new form of safe and clean energy. It is higher in energy density, more easy to transport and cleaner burning, as well as cost-saving. This is currently the largest CBM liquefaction plant in China with an annual production capacity of 250 million m3. This project is not only a milestone for ECO, but also a pioneering initiative for the industry.